Major Earthworks & Excavation

CDL's fleet of equipment and expertise in earthmoving has been successfully utilised in many significant bulk excavation projects, often in conjunction with other areas of expertise such as site remediation, retaining walls and pavement construction.

Basement excavation and site retention systems - Soldier piles, ground, soil & rock anchors, soil nails, shotcrete walls, diaphragm walls

CDL has extensive knowledge and more than 30 years’ experience in deep building & civil project excavation using varied retention systems. The projects have included building basement excavations and major civil engineering projects such as freeways, cut and cover tunnels, bridge abutments and deep excavations. We use this wealth of experience to assist in selection and promotion of the appropriate retention system according to site conditions, project budget, programme and other factors.

We also offer design and construct packages, using our in-house knowledge and experience in alliance with key external designers, to provide the optimum solution for the project.

Methods and techniques have included:-

  • Bored pile / soldier pile retention systems

  • Temporary ground anchor systems

  • Permanent ground anchor systems

  • Internal propping and underpinning

  • Soil nail walls

  • Diaphragm walls

  • Sheet piles

  • Reinforced earth walls

Civil Construction

CDL has serviced the civil construction sector since 1980, delivering quite large and complex projects and works. These have included key areas such as major earthworks, site remediation and decontamination, demolition, major in-ground service installation and relocation, stormwater drainage, pavements, car parks and roads, basement retention works, foundation and footing systems (including deep piling works), landscape works and above ground structures (bridges, lighting, hard landscaping).

Bored Piles

CDL has modern piling machines capable of drilling in a variety of conditions for soldier piles (retention piles) and foundation piles (bored piers).

Footing and foundation works

CDL often carry out the foundation packages associated with our other works, either using piles and pile caps or spread footings (pad footings)

Site remediation

CDL has carried out significant decontamination and site remediation works on "brown field" developments as many sites in the urban area are redeveloped.

Methods employed have included:

  • Classification and disposal to appropriate sites including landfills

  • Separation and relocation / stabilisation of problematic soils within the site

  • Treatment of soils to allow re-use or reclassification.

With the increasing proportion of development affected by contamination issues, CDL is often able to provide the most effective means of dealing with costs and time implications.

Methods have also been developed, to enable treatment and stabilisation of problematic soils such as acid sulphate soils & asbestos contaminated soils and to encapsulate soils within the site.

Design and Construct

The team keeps abreast of the latest and most effective design methods; and can either provide a package on a design and construct basis, or provide the experience and knowledge to steer the projects to the most effective outcome.

Subdivisional and infrastructure works including roadworks, stormwater drainage and in-ground service installation

CDL has carried out significant works involving infrastructure for commercial building developments, retail and industrial developments and residential subdivisions.


CDL has completed major demolition contracts, both as stand-alone demolitions and associated with excavation and civil works. These include large shopping centre redevelopments (see Knox Shopping Centre) and large building projects (Urban Workshop 60 Lonsdale St Melbourne and City West Police Complex, Spencer St, Melbourne).

Project Management

With a skilled, experienced & energetic project team, we have successfully managed large projects that combine many facets of civil construction on office, retail, industrial, apartment and infrastructure developments. These have included multiple trades and work-fronts. See our projects profile for more information.